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Doggy daycare, dog daycare, dog kennels, ellicott city, elkridge, Tecla's K9 AcademyWhat does your dog do while you are away at work? Are you too concerned that your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs so daycare is not an option or do you feel guilty just leaving your dog alone all day while you are at work. Give your dog a break and check out Tecla’s K-9 Academy’s daycare.

It’s more than just a daycare with a full range of services that cater to the special needs of your dog. Dogs can be trained, bathed, nails clipped, learn how to play with other dogs and much more.

Tecla’s K-9 Academy has facilities in Ellicott City and on Dorsey Run – both offer tremendous services that cater to every type of dog.

The Facilities

Ellicott City’s layout is optimally set up for the needs of our puppy and doggy daycare, and to enable us to conduct training classes indoors. The climate-controlled facility is arranged into three main rooms: one for puppy daycare, one for doggy daycare, and a nap room. Puppies need to play with other puppies, thus the need for two separate spaces for younger and older dogs. This ensures that your dog gets the most rewarding daycare experience possible, building self-esteem by socializing with other dogs that see the world from their vantage point. The nap room is set up away from the other rooms to give dogs the perfect place to take a break and chill out when they need it. The epoxy flooring in the playrooms was carefully chosen to provide for the best in sanitation and for optimum play experiences. It allows just enough traction for the dogs in play to romp with each other, but not to partake in adrenalized chase games.

The Dorsey Run facility is a 13,000 square-foot facility with three dedicated daycare rooms, three dedicated training rooms, a 70-run kennel with the best holding kennel suites available in the industry, a grooming room and an outdoor potty area. This climate controlled facility is perfectly set up for daycare, training, boarding and grooming needs. The three-daycare rooms, TK-9 Tykes, Rambunctious Rex, and Whimsical Waggers, allow us to separate puppies up to one-year-old into their own play group. This also enables trainers to divide adult dogs by play style, those that are a little more energetic and those that prefer more easygoing interactions. The mat flooring in our main training room is the best quality available. The mats are made of recycled rubber, which are triple sealed, prohibiting bacteria and virus from getting embedded within it and making disinfecting the mats easy. Since the mats consist of recycled rubber, the academy is doing a small part to reduce old rubber going to landfills and reducing the amount of air pollution burning rubber creates.

Our kennel is complete with the best holding kennel suites available designed for the best in sanitation, comfort, and safety. It also has its own dedicated HVAC system so that we can micro manage its temperature and humidity levels in order to provide for the best climate for our boarding dogs while they are resting. A sound system connected through the entire facility allows us to play soothing music in the daycare playrooms and the kennel 24/7 as well as amplify our training instructors’ voices so they can be easily heard during classes. The security system is complete with 37 different sensors, including motion sensors in every room of the facility, door sensors at every door, and a dedicated temperature sensor in the kennel and provides for the highest level of safety for the dogs in our care.

Yes, your dog can learn to play with other dogs

Dogs that had difficult times playing with other dogs have entered the academy and after assessments and training, have found a happy comfort song playing with other dogs after they have been assessed and worked with by one of Maryland’s best dog trainers – Pack to Basics Certified Tecla Walton.

Take for example, Henry, a three-year-old mixed breed that at first didn’t seem to like any dogs. Erik Hoffman said he would deliberately avoid dogs or places where other dogs might be so he wouldn’t have to deal with the stressful situations of meeting up with another dog. But after some private lessons and classes, Henry started daycare and is playing happily with other dogs.

“After Tecla helped us train Henry – and she worked with him for two weeks – it’s like we got a different dog,” Erik said.  “I never would have thought Henry could play with other dogs, but that’s what he does now. And when he comes home after daycare, he is tired and so happy.”

And the good news Tecla’s K-9 Academy has opened a new facility off of Dorsey Run that is in such an ideal location and a short distance to BWI for those pet owners who also are looking to board their dog while taking a vacation.

But the daycare offered at Tecla’s K-9 Academy really is a difference-maker. Dogs do not spend their entire day in a crate – only to be briefly taken out for a walk.  Most of the time, they are playing with other dogs, working with highly-skilled trainers on specific skills, and being loved and nurtured the entire day.

Danny, a three-year-old chocolate lab is another success story. When Danny first came to Tecla’s for observation, he barked non-stop because he simply didn’t seem to get along with dogs. Walking Danny was not fun and quite a chore because he was very leash reactive when he would meet any dog.

“When we first watched how Tecla about 20 dogs simply walking around the room and playing with each other while under supervision of her trainers, I said, ‘Danny could never do this, but I was wrong!”’ said Tim Maier, who brought Danny to the academy after struggling with him for one year.

“Tecla took Danny for two weeks for special training and we enrolled in behavior modification classes and now Danny goes to daycare and has a blast playing with the other dogs. When he comes home, he is exhausted because he played all day,” Tim says. “And he’s a joy to walk! In fact, Danny can’t wait to get to daycare to play with his friends. He has become affectionately called Marshal Danny, because he makes sure dogs are playing nicely. And daycare is great, because for a few extra dollars, Danny can get a bath! And now he is doing Rally competitions. Tecla saved our dog and our sanity. That’s what Tecla K-9 Academy does – saves dogs.”

So if you think your dog is not ready to play with other dogs, or you really want somewhere to take your dog where he will make friends, and get lots of love and attention, check out Tecla’s K-9 Academy daycare.

What are you waiting for? Stop feeling guilty and book your daycare today. Your dog deserves it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tecla’s K-9 Academy located?

Tecla’s K-9 Academy
3243 Bethany Lane
Ellicott City, MD 21042
(410) 461-DOGS (3647)

Tecla’s K-9 Academy
7111 Dorsey Run Rd #106
Elkridge, MD 21075
(410) 461-DOGS (3647)

What are the times/days for daycare? 

Daycare Drop-Off Times:  6:30-10:30 a.m.

Daycare Pick-Up Times:  4-7 p.m.

These are the same at both locations.

What will my dog do during daycare?

We begin putting dogs into play a 9 a.m. and completely close the playrooms at 5 p.m.  At drop-off each dog is settled in a kennel with a fresh water bucket.  We then completely health check and potty walk each dog prior to putting them into play and upon removing them from play.

What if my dog is reactive to other dogs?

Tecla Walton is Pack to Basics Certified and through this program has helped many dog reactive dogs to gain confidence through proper off-leash socialization.  If you think your dog is dog-reactive, please contact our office 410-461-DOGS or so that we can set up a special evaluation daycare day for dog with Tecla.

What do I need to bring?

Your dog’s up-to-date vaccination records

The TK-9 contract available on the website.

What kind of training do you offer during daycare?

We offer Academy Training, which is geared toward your puppy’s or dog’s needs:

  1. Puppy Imprinting
  2. Basic Obedience
  3. Confidence Building Leash Work
  4. Nosework Practice
  5. Rally Obedience
  6. Behavior Modification Sessions

How much does it cost?

Daycare is $35/day

Reactive Dog Daycare is $50/day

Academy Daycare (Daycare Plus Training) is $50/day; Behavior Modification Sessions (Daycare Plus Behavior Modification) are $65/day

How do I book the daycare?

Contact our office at 410-461-DOGS or

What are the costs to board my dog when I’m on vacation?

$40 per day

What will my dog do?

Our boarding dogs receive multiple potty walks, full daycare playtime privileges, and two complete health checks per day.

What kind of training do you offer?

We offer Academy Training, which is geared towards your puppy’s or dog’s needs:

Puppy Imprinting ($15/day)

Basic Obedience ($15/day)

Confidence Building Leash Work ($15/day)

Nosework Practice ($15/day)

Rally Obedience ($15/day)

Behavior Modification Sessions ($30/day)