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Rally 1

Duration10 Classes
Dog AgesAny Age
PrerequisitesBasic Obedience 1: Loose Leash Walking 101

Rally is a dogsport that anyone can do! A perfect blend of practicing obedience with a total focus on fun and excitement for both the dog and the handler. Dog and handler teams follow an obstacle course of obedience exercises, performing the exercises that are indicated by 10-20 consecutive signs. In Rally the emphasis is on the relationship between the handler and dog therefore handlers may talk to their dogs and praise them throughout the course. Handlers can even use hand signals, point, and in Novice and Advanced levels, clap their hands as often as necessary. And not only is this allowed, it is encouraged!

We have found that there are many benefits to participating in Tecla’s K-9 Academy Rally Obedience classes. Dogs enjoy having a job and when you take one of our Rally classes, you will be teaching your dog many fine-tuned obedience commands that will engage him mentally. Along with this mental workout, your dog is getting a physical workout as well. And, perhaps the most important benefit is that we have seen the relationships of dogs and their owners grow, deepen, and reach levels that the owners never dreamed they could achieve!


A non refundable deposit is due when your register for the a class. Final payment in full is due on the day the class begins

There is a $75.00 non refundable registration fee when you sign up for a class.