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Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Tecla's K9 Academy specializes in training diabetic alert dogsTecla’s K-9 Academy has developed one of the premier Diabetic Alert Dog training programs in the United States. Program developer Tecla Walton has been was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 30 years ago and has taken her personal experience with the disease and blended it with her expertise in training dogs to produce a DAD training program unlike any other.

Tecla has been joined by DAD Trainer Keith Hupka who came to TK9 as a client seeking a Diabetic Alert Dog. He was so impressed with the quality of the dog he received from TK9 and inspired by Tecla’s approach to dog training in general that he decided to become part of the TK9 team.

What Makes Us Different?


  • Two on staff trainers that are both have Type 1 Diabetes
  • We help each client pick a breed of puppy that will suit their lifestyle as well as have the qualities necessary to succeed as a DAD
  • We provide one year of follow up training and have a unique system of teaching DAD handlers how to maintain their dogs’ skills

What Makes Us Better?


  • Our unique understanding of the disease
  • We train specific alerts for low and high blood sugars
  • We have a defined test each dog’s detection skills and public access skills
  • Our follow up program is so thorough that there is no backslide in each dogs’ skills once they go home
  • Our emphasis is equally focused on training a high level detection dog and on handler education

Here Is What Others Are Saying

Dear TK9 Family,

I am writing to you on behalf the Meacham family. Thank you for the wonderful job you have done in training our Diabetic Alert Dog Rocky. After the long anticipated wait and many training visits, I must say it has only been a few short weeks and Rocky had dramatically helped our son. On the first week home Rocky caught two severe lows which allowed us to treat our son’s blood sugar quickly before any major circumstance. He also in the total of three weeks he has been home has caught 11 lows three of which could have been life threatening. He has alerted on 30 or more highs allowing Dylan to receive 13 extra insulin shots over a three week period. This helps to improve Dylan’s overall health – I could not be more thankful! I am so appreciative for the work that has been completed in training our DAD Rocky. I look forward to learning more and improving my sons everyday health. Tiffany Meacham

Today was awesome. We did a Diabetic Alert Dog seminar here with Tecla Walton. I’ve learned numerous ways in the past on how to train a DAD. None have been as clear or made as much sense as what I learned today. I’m really excited to start teaching dogs with her method! Thank you so much Tecla for coming out and working with us! D.B.

I attended the DAD seminar given by Tecla Walton as both a dog trainer and a service dog handler. I gained important training knowledge that not only allows me to now offer a more broad range of services to my clients, but I also gained an insight into ways I can improve my daily life with my service dog. Tecla shared important information that gave me a new perspective to approach DAD training and ongoing maintenance training with my clients. J.S.

How To Apply

If you are interested in applying for a Diabetic Alert Dog through Tecla’s K-9 Academy please contact our office.