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TK9's Puppy Training Program was designed specifically to imprint positive behavior on puppies at a young age. What we teach our puppies from 0-6 months of age will shape the way they see the world for the rest of their life. We strongly believe that by educating, socializing and implementing these skills from the start, you are setting your puppy up for long term success. 

Purely Positive Puppy Class 

Purely Positive Puppy Class Online - NEW

It is imperative to provide puppies with the proper experiences to become well-rounded, social beings. Equally important is equipping owners with the skills necessary to relate and communicate with their puppies. Our puppy class emphasizes puppy socialization and owner education while also providing a solid foundation of basic skills. Some of the skills taught include sit, down, come when called, place, loose leash walking, and watch me. In addition to this, topics such as potty training, mouthing, jumping, chewing, and proper nutrition are covered. The most important thing that we teach in our puppy class is the importance of the relationship between puppy and owner. Understanding how canines learn and having a system of clear communication in place is just the first step to an incredible journey with your puppy.

Puppy Daycare

With the hectic pace of life, it is sometimes hard for owners to give their new puppies the time, structure and consistency they need. TK9's puppy daycare provides a safe and positive environment where puppies can receive proper socialization with both dogs and people throughout the day. Designed specifically for dogs between the ages of 9 weeks to 12 months, our puppy daycare allows puppies to burn energy while learning acceptable play manners with other dogs their age. In addition to this, our daily routine creates a sense of structure and stability for your pup, which in return helps with both crate and potty training. We use positive means to extinguish behaviors such as jumping and vocalizing in the crate.

Puppy Academies

From the moment your puppy enters TK9 for the day, it is exposed to a system of motivational training based on operant conditioning. Upon request, TK9 can provide a one-on-one learning session that focuses on behaviors such as sit, down, loose leash walking, place and come when called. Academies can be accommodated during both daycare or boarding stays for a small fee of $15 per session. 

Puppy Board & Train

Puppy boot camps are designed for dogs under 6 months old, and focus on imprinting skills and behaviors for 1, 2, 3 and 4 week durations. By boarding with us for the duration of their training, we are able to implement a steady routine and focus daily on the desired skill set. When they aren't training one-on-one, they will have full access to our puppy daycare room with other dogs under 1 year old. Depending on the length of the boot camp, puppies will be imprinted with the following behaviors: Sit, Down, Loose Leash Walking, Watch Me, Sit and Down for Duration, Sit and Down with Distraction, Place and Come When Called. To get started, we have to schedule a meet the trainer session where goals, duration, and cost will be determined.