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Helping Your Pup Deal with Separation Anxiety When You Go Back to School

Do you feel guilty about leaving your pup home when you return to school?   We know it's hard. We're...
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Ways to Help Your Pet With Noise Anxiety

Your pets are sensitive creatures. Their ears are much more sensitive than any human can imagine. Th...
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How to Find the Best Trainer for Your Pet Dog in Elkridge

As a responsible dog owner, you want to make sure that your pet has the best life possible. That mea...
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Common Causes of Misbehavior in Dogs

Dogs are fun, energetic, and make great companions. However, misbehavior in dogs can occur from time...
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How A Regular Routine Schedule Can Improve Your Dog's Life

Dogs are creatures of habit, and they thrive on routine. Creating a regular schedule for your dog he...
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Why It's Important To Train Your Pup

Having a dog is quite an exciting experience. As part of having a dog, you also need to take care of...
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Welcome to TK-9!

Conveniently located in Elkridge, Maryland, we provide dog boarding, daycare, and training services ...
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