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Common Causes of Misbehavior in Dogs


Dogs are fun, energetic, and make great companions. However, misbehavior in dogs can occur from time to time. Misbehavior in dogs can be traced to the dog's environment and activities. Below are the most common reasons for misbehavior in dogs.

Separation anxiety

Dogs are not happy being left alone for long periods. When we go out on errands or work all day, our dogs get very anxious about not having someone there to look after them—this is why so many dogs bark and whine when left unattended in their homes!


Dogs are intelligent, social animals that need stimulation and interaction to remain happy. When left alone for long, dogs can become bored and may begin to misbehave. When you're home with your dog, it's essential to provide him with regular exercise outside to have opportunities for physical activity and mental stimulation throughout the day.

Territorial behavior 

Dogs who guard their territory and don't allow anyone into it may display aggressive behavior toward strangers who try to enter the house or yard or other dogs on walks. This type of aggression should not be confused with typical playfulness between dogs, which often involves pushing each other around and growling.

Medical issues

A dog acting out may be suffering from medical issues that are causing him pain or discomfort. This can include tooth decay, gum disease, and sore muscles. Dogs with these problems might be showing signs of pain when they eat or chew on toys or bones. They may also suddenly become aggressive with other dogs or people to protect themselves from the pain they're experiencing.

Poor Training

Poor training is a common cause of misbehavior in dogs. Dogs often misbehave because they have not been appropriately trained. They do not know what is expected of them and the consequences if they don't behave. This can confuse your dog and make him nervous or anxious, leading to misbehavior.

Dealing with a misbehaving dog:
  • Manage the situation. If a dog is misbehaving due to excitement, you should first ensure that they can't cause harm to themselves or others.
  • Don't feed into their behavior. If your dog's excited behavior is due to new people in the house, don't punish them for it—they probably have no idea what's going on! Instead, try giving your pet some time alone so that they can calm down (a crate or other safe space works well).
  • Establish a routine. Dogs thrive when they know what's expected and have consistent routines that they follow every day. By setting up patterns for your dog to follow each day, you'll help keep their energy levels under control and prevent misbehavior from occurring in the first place.
  • Redirect them to an appropriate activity. If your dog is acting out because they're bored, try redirecting their attention towards something more appropriate (e.g., treat-dispensing toys).


Finally, think about possible solutions for preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future.


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