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Food Bowl Training Tips for Dog Owners in Elkridge


Dogs love eating and can get quite excited over their meal times. Some dogs get so excited, in fact, that it becomes a problem. The best way to fix that problem is with some discipline! Food bowl training tips for dog owners in Elkridge are essential for bringing stability and serenity to meal times! Don't let your dog make a fuss and act out whenever it's time to eat. A healthy relationship with your dog also includes the proper setting of boundaries and discipline towards its owners!


Patience is Key

Food bowl training for dog owners in Elkridge is going to require a lot of patience from both the dog and the owner! The key to teaching your dog food bowl etiquette is to wait for them to calm down. Feeding your dog while they’re overly excited and jumping at the food bowl is only going to teach them bad habits. Depending on your dog, you could be waiting a few minutes to even an hour before they give up and learn to calmly wait for their food, so be patient!


Take It Slow

Dogs have a keen sense of feeling the emotions of others around them. It's a sort of survival technique ingrained in their natural instincts. When food bowl training your dog in Elkridge, it's essential to take it slowly and understand that this takes time. If you're rushing it and moving fast or getting all excited, your dog can sense that and will mimic the energy you're exuding. As such, it would be best to remain calm and lower their food bowl slowly, so they know to be calm in that scenario!



While your dog can't understand what exactly you say, communication with your dog still matters when food bowl training in Elkridge. It helps tremendously to introduce verbal cues during their training. For example, a stern "wait" will let them know to calm down and prepare to receive their food. Subsequently, an excited "go" can let them know they've done an excellent job and can enjoy their meal! 


We Can Help Train Your Dog

TK-9 is a multi-service canine care provider located in Elkridge, Maryland. We pride ourselves on our special dog-centered location and services. Whether you’re looking for a great place your dog can stay or more technical work like discipline training, our staff and facility are passionate and more than capable of providing what you need. Let us hear from you and book a fun and fruitful trip for your dog!


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