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Ways to Help Your Pet With Noise Anxiety


Your pets are sensitive creatures. Their ears are much more sensitive than any human can imagine. There are even certain frequencies that sound like nothing to humans but can be heard loud and clear by your animal companion. Because of this, they are often prone to noise anxiety caused by loud and unfamiliar sounds. It's the pet owner's responsibility to help your pet with the stress caused by these noises. Just remember that a sound might be tolerable to you, but it could be terrifying for them!


Distract Them

A great way to help your pet feel less anxious from scary noises is to distract them. You want your pet to get their mind off the loud noise and focus on something else. Take them away from what's causing the anxiety and find the quietest spot for them to stay in. There you can give them toys or activities to help them keep their minds in a calm place. Another helpful trick is to try and counter the noise with something soothing or peaceful. Turn on a television or play some calming white noise to block out their ears. Just be careful not to add to the sound's volume, or you might end up scaring them even further!



Another trick you can employ to help your pet get over noise anxiety is to desensitize them from the sound causing them stress. Your objective here is to increase their familiarity with the sound, so they get used to it and stop getting anxious from hearing it. For example, if your pet is scared of the vacuum, you can use it regularly at short intervals and show them that it means no harm. That way, your pet will get used to it and grow numb to the terrifying sound!


Create a Safe Space

It helps if your pet has a safe space they can resort to if the anxiety gets too overwhelming for them. Create a comfortable and clean spot in the house they can call their own and stay at their own leisure. It provides a sense of security for them knowing that they have nothing to worry about in that area!


Calm Down Your Pet at TK-9 

TK-9 is a boarding, daycare, and training location for your dog. You and your animal companion will absolutely love the exceptional services provided at our site. Whether you need to leave them under our supervision for a while or just have them stay with us to calm their anxiety, you can be confident in our care! Leave us a message and plan days of fun for your pet!


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