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Advanced Agility

Duration 10 Classes
Dog Ages Over 6 Months
Prerequisites Basic Agility,
So, you've completed Basic Agility and think your pup is ready to hang with the big dogs? Perfect! This class is a wonderful successor to perfect the skills you've built in previous classes. You may not be interested in competing, but your passion for working with your dog has put you in a place where it becomes an option. Whether it's the mental and physical challenge your dog loves so much, or the bond between the two of you that you love so much - whatever the motivating factor, you've both excelled and become great. Now it's time to become excellent!

Tecla’s K-9 Academy’s Advanced Agility course, developed by Cathy Ferguson, is a wonderful way to perfect your dog's off-leash handling skills. By the end of this 10-week course, you'll look back in amazement at who your dog has become

*Payment in full is due at registration and includes a $75 non-refundable deposit.

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