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COVID-19 Health and Safety Precautions

Your health & safety is always our first priority.

Here’s how we are ensuring a healthy environment for you and your dog as well as our team in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic:

Daycare / Boarding:

  • Implementation of Contactless Curb-Side Drop Off / Pick Up: TK-9 meets dog & owner outside, employee puts our slip lead around dogs neck, owner removes their leash from dog’s collar and dog is then taken inside with staff member
  • 6 ft. distance between client & employee maintained at all times during drop off / pick up interaction
  • All employees are required to wear vinyl gloves while handling dogs, and put on a new pair in between each interaction during drop off / pick up
  • Each dog is wiped down using a non-toxic / unscented antimicrobial wipe to remove any germs living on the surface of their coat when entering & when leaving the facility
  • Slip leads are disinfected in between each interaction & washed overnight daily
  • Employees keep a 6 ft. distance between one another during their shifts
  • Employees required to wear a mask for the duration of their shift
  • Employees consistently utilizing hand sanitizer and washing hands thoroughly throughout the duration of their shift

Group / Private Training:

  • All training clients are required to sign our COVID Liability Release Form prior to attending any in person group or private training sessions at TK-9
  • Classes and Lessons will be held in our large training room allowing more than 6 feet distance between clients.
  • Classes cannot exceed a 12 person maximum (1 handler per dog), this allows for an instructor and instructor’s assistant
  • Clients will be required to wear a mask while in the building *If a client has a health concern that requires they do can not wear a mask, please contact our office to discuss
  • Client temperatures will be taken at entry with a hand held thermometer
  • Clients will hand sanitize upon entry & exit of the building. Hand sanitizing stations are located at the building entrance and throughout the building for client and staff use
  • Clients will be provided with a non-toxic unscented antimicrobial wipe with which to wipe their dog down
  • The trainer’s temperature will be taken when they report for their classes
  • The trainer will wear a mask during check-in but cannot teach/lecture with a mask on, however they will stay more than 6 feet away from clients
  • Restroom Usage: There is a restroom reserved for clients only, clients may use the restroom at their own risk. TK-9 staff will clean and sanitize the bathrooms at the end of each day
  • Employees and clients are required keep a 6 foot distance or more between one another during their visit
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