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TK-9 is led by our founder Tecla Walton,
a certified pet dog trainer whose style
works for dogs from the
most teachable to the most difficult.



Tecla’s philosophy is “Learn your dog; love your dog.”

In other words:

  • Dog training is both a science and an art.
  • It’s not just about the dog; it’s about understanding the dynamic between the dog and the human (and every relationship is unique).
  • The goal, therefore, is to learn about—then balance—the relationship between dog and owner.

The more you understand how you and your dog relate to each other, the more effective (and rewarding) training will be. And you’ll find that this approach works for virtually every canine personality, from the most compliant to the most difficult.



    LOVED the online basic obedience class! My dog is easily distracted by new people and surroundings, making online option not only convenient but easier for our learning. Material is well organized with supportive classroom materials (accessible all week as you complete your homework). I NEVER thought my overly excitable dog could be taken for an enjoyable walk in the neighborhood around other people and dogs. This course has been a game changer in understanding of my dog and in our quality of life!


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Our Current Trainings
Online Training

These days, it’s even harder to get your dog out for training. So we bring the training to you, with TK-9 online classes and webinars.

Our online classes include weekly live virtual meetings featuring:

  • Real-time instruction
  • Q&A sessions
  • Step-by-step instructional videos (accessible whenever you want them)

Group Classes

As we said, no two dogs—and no two owners—are alike. That’s we offer such a wide variety of classes. Each one emphasizes a balanced relationship and clear communication between you and your dog. Choose an in-person group class where you and your dog work with the distractions of the real world or an online class where you and your dog can learn in the comfort of your home (and you can add the distractions later).

Everything Puppy

Our Puppy Training Program is designed to reinforce desirable behavior in puppies up to six months old. We also offer daycare specifically designed for puppies, where young dogs can burn off excess energy while learning how to “play nice” together. While our in-person and online Purely Positive Puppy Classes can help you teach your puppy important behaviors like “sit”, “stay,” and “come”—and deal with issues like potty training, jumping and chewing.

Behavior Modification

Problematic behavior is usually a symptom, not the problem itself. Our one-on-one behavior modification sessions help identify root causes like adrenaline addiction, poor social skills or a lack of trust.

We can then help correct those problems through nutrition, improved communication, or re-balancing the relationship between you and your dog.

Board & Train Programs

Tell us what skills you need your dog to learn and we’ll work with your dog while you’re at work! Then we’ll arrange follow-up classes where you and our trainers work with your dog to reinforce the new good behavior.

For puppies and dogs older than 6 months, we offer special 2-to-3 week Obedience Board & Train programs focusing on on-leash and off-leash behavior. For puppies under 6 months, we also offer Board & Train sessions to imprint desired behaviors. And we provide potty training for dogs of any age

Private Training

If you prefer a more focused environment, if you can’t keep a fixed schedule, or if you have concerns about group training, private sessions are available. By observing how your dog behaves when you’re present, we can help resolve any issues and strengthen the ties between you and your dog.

Dog Sports

It’s serious and it’s fun. If you want to train your dog in sports such as Rally, Nosework, Agility, Competitive Obedience and IGP, TK-9 is the place for you. Our founder, Tecla Walton, has numerous awards across multiple disciplines and will work with you and your dog. It’s a great way to deepen the bond with your dog, build confidence and reinforce training—not to mention making friends with other handler-dog teams.





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