Summer Sessions

Want to continue training but your summer vacation schedule makes taking a 7-10 week class difficult? At Tecla’s K-9 Academy we believe that every dog and their human thrives from good, consistent training and instruction. This is why we have developed our Summer Session Power Courses. These courses are 4 week versions of our traditional courses and will enable you to have the best of both worlds: so go ahead and enjoy your summer vacation plans AND continue to improve you and your dog’s skills!


Summer Session Basic 1: Loose Leash Walking 101

This class is perfect for dogs 6 months of age or older and their owners. Owners will learn the skills necessary to use their leash as a communication tool as well as gain a deeper understanding of their canine companions through TK9’s emphasis on how dogs learn and the importance of a balanced owner-dog relationship.

Imagine using your leash to communicate rather than to restrain. This class focuses on skills needed by both owner and dog to develop an effortless loose leash walk under distraction as well as a sit and down while out on a walk. However, that is just the beginning as this course takes the owner and dog on a journey where the owner gains an understanding of how relationship, obedience and behavior inter-relate and how to utilize each to help his/her dog to reach its highest potential.

This is a 4 week course. Each class runs for 75 minutes. Every registrant will have a scheduled 

90 minute orientation lesson.

Pre-Reqs - 6 months old or older

Fee $300


Summer Session Purely Positive Puppy

Tecla’s K-9 Academy’s Summer Session Purely Positive Puppy course provides and exception experience for puppies from 9 weeks to 6 months old and their owners. It is imperative to provide puppies with the experiences necessary to become well-rounded, social beings. Equally important is equipping owners with the skills necessary to properly relate to and communicate with their puppies. This puppy course, designed by trainer Tecla Walton who is sought after by top kennels in the country as a puppy imprinting specialist, emphasizes puppy socialization and owner education.

This course provides owners and puppies with the foundation for basic skills such as sit, down, come when called, with me place, going through a door and watch me. Puppies will also be exposed to fun experiences such as nosework boxes, agility tunnels, and how to play with a toy!

This is a 4 week course. Each class runs for 90 minutes. Every registrant will have a scheduled 90 minute orientation lesson.

Pre-Reqs - Under 6 mos old

Fee $250


Summer Session Intro to Nosework

Tecla’s K-9 Academy Summer Session Intro to Nosework course is a perfect summer fun time for you and your dog! Great for puppies and dogs of all ages, this 4 week course is a perfect way to sniff around and sample the hobby sport of nosework.

This is a 4 week course. Each class runs for 90 minutes.

Pre-reqs - None

Fee $160


Summer Session Rally 1

Tecla’s K-9 Academy Summer Session Intro to Rally course is a 4-week sampling of Rally skills. This is a perfect way to have fun with your dog while you both learn “next level” obedience skills. Sample the world of rally, have fun and continue to deepen the relationship you have with your dog!

This is a 4 week course. Each class runs for 90 minutes.

Pre-reqs - TK9 Basic Obedience 1 or equivalent

Fee $160


Summer Session Competitive Heeling

Tecla Walton is one of the go-to competitive obedience trainers in the country (her coaching is sought after nationally by hobbyists, judges, and other trainers) and she is very excited to offer this summer session course on competitive heeling. Learn how to build drive, improve focus, teach position and have fun doing it! This class is great for puppies and dogs of all ages!

Hurry register soon as the course is limited to 6 spots.

This is a 4 week course. Each class runs 60 minutes.

Pre-reqs - Dogs must be under good leash control and non-reactive in the classroom.

Fee $160


Summer Session Kids and K9s

Looking for something fun for kids and their dogs? Tecla’s K-9 Academy has just the thing: our Summer Session Kids and K9s. Youth handlers will learn to use a clicker and have fun learning some basic Rally and Nosework skills. Tecla Walton was a music educator for over 20 years and brings that experience with her into the Kids and K9 classroom!

This is a 4 week course. Each class runs for 60 minutes.

Pre-reqs: Ages 8-16; Must be companied by and adult 18 or over; dogs must be under control (they do not pull into other dogs, bark, lunge etc)

Fee $115


Payment in full is due at registration and includes a $75 non-refundable deposit.